Digital Training Course for students

Digital training course for students

  • Avant-garde

    Innovative and ready to use digital training package for HE/HVET ICT staff with students at EQF 5+ in a formal education and with adults in upskilling/reskilling training initiatives.

  • Complete

    5 modules in technical and transversal skills for cybersecurity students in an industrial environment will be delivered. Each module will offer learning challenges and digital tests to support the learners.

  • Online

    The modules will be available on an e-learning platform, covering a wide range of topics like Industrial Networks, Equipment & Network Protection, Forensic (security) Analysis of network/countermeasures to threats, Soft Skills in cybersecurity.



    Industrial Networks

    Industrial Network Protection & Forensic Analysis and Countermeasures

    Equipment protection

    ECT/ECVET Guidelines

    Guidelines for staff in order to facilitate the integration of the Modules into the curricula

    Read the guidelines