DICYSTECH 3-day Training Event
DICYSTECH 3-day Training Event

The DICYSTECH 3-day Training Event was held in Crete in June (8th-10th June 2022), hosted by HMU. It has seen members from the DICYSTECH technical staff team (2 teaching staff members from Txorierri, IPP, HMU and IDEC and 1 from the European Digital Learning Network) gathering to test and review the complete DICYSTECH training course and prepare for sharing the initiative at future national training seminars and for piloting with their learners.


The participants have been introduced to/spend time with the integral pilot version of the DICYSTECH training course, the methodology, LOs, materials, learning challenges, evaluation parametres and the supporting technology of the DICYSTECH HUB and labs.


After the training activity, those in attendance have become expert DICYSTECH trainers, excellently prepared to share/mentor all aspects of the DICYSTECH training programme, and fully ready to successfully pilot the Training Course in their organisations between Sept 2022-Feb 2023.