Italian seminar
Italian seminar

Last November, the European Digital Learning Network ETS - DLEARN as a DICYSTECH partner, has organised an online seminar to promote the DICYSTECH project, its aims and results, especially the training contents devised by partners in the 1st project Intellectual Output (IO).


Indeed, the event aimed to encourage Italian training stakeholders to discover the project training course, in order to include it within their training programs for CVET and HVET.

After a short presentation of the project (focused on the needs and challenges addressed by the project, the new Industrial and sectoral cyber scenario, its objectives, the project Consortium, the expected impact and the pilot products), DLEARN had the possibility to unveil and share on the one hand the DICYSTECH Training Course (IO1), its structure and the methodology to be applied, and on the other one the HUB of Virtual labs (IO2), by going through the materials developed so far.


13 stakeholders attended the event, representatives from the Italian training and education sector, who were invited to registered in the project website to access the Training Course (IO1).