Spanish seminar
Spanish seminar

Politeknika Txorierri held a pilot launching seminar in the context of a bigger event organised by TKNIKA, the Basque Innovation centre, on Digitalisation and its applications in VET. 34 stakeholders attended the event. Four of the participants were from TKNIKA, two of them were from CASPHE, an Association of colleges and institutes of professional higher education in the Czech Republic, and twenty-eight came from seventeen different H/VET centers in the Basque region.


Politeknika Txorierri had the possibility to unveil and share the DICYSTECH Training Course, the HUB of Virtual labs and a mini workshop on the DICYSTECH Methodological approach for staff. The event aimed to encourage other teachers and centers to first pilot the material with us and then embed it within their training programs for HVET and CVET.

Anabel Menica introduced the project. She presented the needs and challenges addressed by the project, the new Industrial and sectoral cyber scenario, its objectives, the partners, the expected impact of the project and the pilot products. She also showed the participants the project website where they can auto register in order to access the Training Course.


Jokin Goioaga presented the Pilot Training Course, its structure and the methodology to be applied. He also showed the attendees the Moodle platform used by the partnership for the training, the questionnaires and some of the cases. Afterwards, Jokin talked about the Cybersecurity Virtual Labs. He shared the Cybersecurity Labs Architecture and their rules. He also shared the challenges/scenarios developed so far and that will be used to provide “hands on” learning experiences to our students. He then invited the participants to go through the material and to discuss about the period and the courses where they could use this material with their own students.

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